Hypercom Ice

The simplest and most innovative POS solution available today, the Hypercom® ICE 5500 has a fast (9600 bps) modem to speed downloads, supports existing payment methods. ICE LAN is also available for merchants that qualify. LAN is a unique and innovative way to speed transactions for merchants who would benefit from networked terminals.

Features and Benefits:

Fastest dial-up capability in the restaurant, retail and lodging industries Hypercom® ICE 5500
Stand Alone or LAN capability
Small footprint saves counter space
Integrated thermal printer with automatic paper cutter prints up to 6 lines per second
Enhanced back-lit LCD makes viewing easier
Standard track 1 and 2 card reader
Supports Purchasing Cards, Commercial Cards and Gift Cards cards
1.5 MB memory
Processes debit on internal pin pad or on attached external Hypercom pin pads